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New Mexico

Scheppe Boulevard 417
(Clovis Community College)

The Clovis Man

Reynaldo Rivera

Clovis /  The Clovis Man   Clovis /  The Clovis Man


Bronze sculpure of a mammoth hunter. Next to the explanation plaque is a relief showing the hunt.

Hunting Clovis Man


the relief: © R Rivera

Information Sign

America's Oldest Inhabitant
Reynaldo Rivera

this sculpture depicts clovis man after killing a mammoth. the paleo-indian
hunter framed by the 16 foot tusk, is removing the spear from his prey. the
mammoth's head is lying in the mud of a spring fed pond, these springs were
where clovis artifacts were later found.

at the end of the ice age, mammoth hunters roamed the high plains of eastern
new mexico. the first archaeological evidence of these pre-historic inhabitants
was found in 1932, between clovis and portales, when mammoth bones and large
spear points were uncovered at what is now the blackwater draw
archaeological site.

the clovis culture flourished at this siteover 11,000 years ago. the site is the
oldest documented and most significant example of human habitation in north
america. its most enduring artifact is the clovis point.

this work was commissioned through the art in public places program of the new mexico arts division, office of cultural affairs.



Location (N 34°24'7" - W 103°10'2")

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Item Code: usnm01; Photograph: 12 October 2010
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