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Diego de Vargas

Diego de Vargas Zapata y Luján Ponce de León y Contreras
1643 - 1704
Spanish Governor of the New Spain territory of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, today the U.S. states of New Mexico and Arizona
Donna Quasthoff

Santa Fe /  Diego de Vargas   Santa Fe /  Diego de Vargas


Bronze statue of De Vargas with his colored coat of arms of on the baseplate.


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Information Sign

don diego de vargas zapata
luján ponce de león
el marques de la nava de barcinas

resettled new mexico twelve years
after pueblo revolt of 1680

dedicated by

caballeros de vargas
in commemoration of their 50th anniversary
founded june 25, 1956

city of santa fe

state of new mexico

a special thank you to
representative jim r. trujillo

Don Diego de Vargas Zapata Luján Ponce de León,
born 1643 in Madrid, Spain, served the crown as
Governor of New Mexico from 1691-1697 and 1703-
1704. Vargas was a devout Christian with a strong
devotion to Nuestra Señora, La Conquistadora, Our Lady
of Peace. Recognized for his competency and talent as a
royal official, his arrival in February 1691 at El Paso del
Norte as Governor marked the beginning of the critical
episode of New Mexico's restortion, resulting in a
remarkable reconciliation with Pueblo Indian Leaders
such as Luis Tupatú, Domingo Tuguaque, Juan de Ye and
Bartolomé de Ojeda. Together these men forged a lasting
peace that has endured more than three hundred years.
Vargas' accomplishments in New Mexico will long be
remembered by all generations that follow.



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