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Christopher Columbus Park

Christopher Columbus

Archimedes Giacomantonio

Memphis /  Christopher Columbus   Memphis /  Christopher Columbus


Bronze statue of Columbus, dressed in medieval garb that includes a belted shirt, a long swirling cape, a cap, and gloves, stands with his right hand raised to his brow while his left hand hangs by his side. A sword hangs from the left side of his belt and a cross hangs around his neck.


Plaque on the pedestal:
christopher columbus
12 october 1987
archimedes a. giacomantonio
columbus, seafaring adventurer, is
portrayed in a pose of sighting
land. his face seems to express
discovery, that of america.
terra! terra!

The statue is placed in the christopher columbus park, which has its own plaque with a relief bust of Columbus and the text:

this park is dedicated in honor of
the italian american community of memphis
and to their contribution to
the heritage and growth of the city
the park was made possible through the
generosity of those listed below

[follows list of
62 gold sponsors,
23 silver sponsors and
56 bronze sponsors]
memphis chapter of unico national
the city of memphis
richard c. hackett, mayor


This sculpture is a reproduction of a Columbus statue in Hoboken, New Jersey. Unico, an Italian charitable organization, raised money for the statue and park landscaping


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